Artwork credit - Mr Doodles / Follow @mrdoodle

Artwork credit - Mr Doodles / Follow @mrdoodle


‘cene is a concept dedicated to the flourishing undercurrent of cultural creativity that is
daring to be recognised in Kent.

There are many in the county courageously shaping a ‘cene where ideas, imagination, originality and drive are the currency. Our magazines, events and social interaction is determined to both motivate and support those at the forefront of the Kent ‘cene.


There is a cluster of brilliance just waiting for the oxygen to ignite the flames and roast the raw talent simmering away in Kent. ‘cene media, magazine and events will help provide the platform for those daring to do.

‘cene backs no imitation, just authentic inspiration, perspiration and want.

‘cene displays the cultural movement that Kent has to offer, and lets our readers engage with, create, and become the names of the future.


To celebrate the talented and to promote our local businesses making their mark in Kent.
We do this without social grading, helping people, being kind and keeping happy. 
To push our message further about the creativity this county has to offer. 

what’s your IDEA?

Or do you know someone that does? Get in touch, we would love to hear your thoughts!