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Heat, beats and award feats

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Three little pigs went to market and came home with Kent Magazine of the Year Award 2018.

We may as well start here. Yeah, you heard right, at this year’s Kent Press & Broadcast Awards, ‘cene magazine took home the title and celebrated for three days.

Once the hangover cleared and the empty wallet syndrome set in, the three little pigs were exceptionally grateful/vindicated to be voted by their peers. “We love what you are doing”, is a gorgeous phrase to hear from those you respect. We think it was the 3D Glasses during City Sound Project that probably swung it.

Onto AUT18, and we have picked out some absolute pearlers for you to get your nut round. First up we got spicy in the Mexican standoff. This time, our Bite Club features three amigos turning out quality Mexicana munch, while we also hail some dining desperados that have been perfecting Kent-chiladas for time (page 18).

Daaaa'n to Margate and we kill two birds with one stone made of quality threads. The Mod masters at Rat Race in Margate supply the clothes and the scooters, while we talk to musicians The Gallery’s (page 10).

Columnist Tom Ingoldby heads to Whitstable to sup some suds at The 12 Taps, while Style Space guru Siobhan Maroney talks to the Kent-based online vintage clothing dudes at Butt Vintage (page 40).

BBC Introducing’s Casey Heyburn gives us his Kent Sessions Special choosing six local music acts making moves; Matti Hemmings gives us the low-down on the BMX UK Flatland Championships that took place at Dreamland.

Anything else? … Oh yeah, and The Libertines bassist John Hassall gives us his thoughts on the seaside!

This is getting ridiculous.



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