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All right there... you? How have you been, kidda? What’s been happenin’, pal? I’ll be honest... it has been so long, I’ve forgotten your name.

It doesn’t matter anyway, because we’ve just won Kent Magazine of The Year for the second year in a row... sorry, did that sound arrogant?

The past three months has felt different in Kent. The word is spreading. Like all good conquering forces, eventually you have to break your safe boundaries and push into new territory. And we’re so glad we did.

The creative revolution that has already taken Margate and Folkestone has begun in Chatham, Ashford and beyond. It sounds twee, doesn’t it, that our little county is having a go at being a cool place to be.

Well actually, we’re a fu*king huge county, and we’re kicking the guts out of what people believe is cool, picking it up and sending it on its way. It’s not a coincidence that every newspaper and website up and down the land is naming Kentish towns as “the place to go in 2019”, or the reason Sharon Stone’s search for that elusive pair of briefs brought her to our shores. And these are the reasons why...

In this issue, we talk rideouts with the motorbike fanatics of Krazy Horse (page 30), we explore jumpers on trees with Hayden Kays (page 26), the designer of the iconic Bob Marley Legend album sits in our hot seat (page 14), the guys behind the stages at Glastonbury and Boomtown talk giant art (page 20), we eat a metric tonne of fish and chips (page 48) and we tease out the answers from Loco Cabaret (page 10). There’s a shoot with the painfully cool Copperfield (page 40) and we direct our first documentary (page 34).

You lucky, lucky people.



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