Sprankenstein creates

The Sprankenstein Studio has illustrated with the biggest names both locally and internationally, and it is easy to see why


Jade Spranklen aka Sprankenstein is a born and bred North Londoner, but having moved to sunny Margate almost four years ago, her work has popped up all around the town. From Dreamland backdrops for Margate Pride to illustrations for the Tom Thumb Theatre and from the ‘Emotional Television’ show at Hantverk & Found to the ‘Creep Club’ t-shirts, Sprankenstein projects are hard to miss.

Her illustrations have pushed Sprankenstein to working with the likes of Dr Martens, Asos, Tate, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and many more. We asked Sprankie (to her mates), to pick out some of her highlights. 


My style can differ so much, depending on how I approach a project. When work comes in I decide whether this is a Sprankenstein ‘The Artist’ approach or whether this is a ‘Sprankenstein Studio’ production. 

If I work on something as Sprankenstein, it usually has a darker tone to it, a little bit playful but sinister, usually lacking in colour. Often this is album artworks or self initiated projects. However Sprankenstein Studio is usually very clean cut and bold, less of the sinister touches, especially our music videos and social media campaigns. 



Japanese anime has been the key influence in my life as an illustrator. Without it, I would probably be leading a completely different journey, especially as I was very academically-led as a teen. The majority of my personal work always has a whisper of Japanese influence, whether it be Studio Ghibli, Hokusai or the cartoons I used to watch on Cartoon Network like Dragon Ball Z or Gundam Wing.



I have a collection of illustrations that I created for a solo show at Urchin Wines in Margate, called Pushkinstein. I researched heavily into Russian folklore and myth, especially the really dark tales, and created worlds from that. I illustrated six original pieces, all hand drawn with fine lines. It destroyed my wrist, the RSI was real! But it was worth it.



Recently I completed on a project for Save The Children with BGC Digital Ventures. I was Art Director and Illustrator for a completely animated tale of a young girl in Syria who had been displaced due to war. My whole heart went into that project. It involved a lot of anxiety and hard work from the whole team, we had a tight deadline and a vision we wanted to portray. But it all came together beautifully. Another proud moment has got to be when one of my first ever animations reach over 60 million views and premiere at the Nobel Peace Prize and X factor back in 2015.


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