Which new products have we picked for AUT19?

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Son of a Gun – Copper Rivet Distillery 

Copper Rivet Distillery has made its name with its stunning gin in the last couple of years, using Kent’s “truly world class ingredients”, but its Son of a Gun grain spirit is another tipple to be hand-crafted in small batch stills at Chatham Dockyard. 

“Our ‘Grain to Glass Spirit’ is only produced after we have worked with our local farmers and watched carefully how the grain is growing in the fields, within just 20 miles of the distillery, before only the best early harvest wheat, barley and rye are selected to be used to craft our exceptional spirit,” they say. 

Described as soft, medium-bodied clean spirit, with floral notes of tropical fruits with vanilla honey oats finish, the Copper Rivet team have given their perfect serve as entailing orange peel, sugar cube and ice soaked in bitters topped by Son of a Gun. 

Twitter: @RivetDistillery / Instagram: @copperrivetdistillery 


Jonomade Gin 

New on the scene, Jonomade says it is “committed to making gin your way”. 

A family-owned Kentish small batch craft distillery with a dual heritage – both British and New 

Zealand – Jonomade Gin has been crafted to reflect this: a classic London dry with a New Zealand twist. 

So far it is available at a number of bars including Verdigris (Tonbridge) and The George and Fuggles 

(Tunbridge Wells), while a tree is planted for every bottle sold in partnership with Earth Day Network. 

Instagram/Facebook @jonomadegin 


Doki Doki – Boutilliers 

Doki Doki is the flagship lager of Faversham-based Boutilliers. Brewed in the Bavarian ‘Helles’ style, it boasts a very light body with biscuit notes and sweet malt tones that come together to create a beer that the brewery refers to as “smashable”. 

The brainchild of Drew (design) and Rich (head brewer,) Doki Doki is Japanese onomatopoeia for a heartbeat, particularly a heightened, excited one – which is, or so they say, precisely how the brewers feel every time they think of Helles-style lager on a hot summer’s day. 

The design was created by local artist Camille Flavell, the first of several aspiring local artists 

Boutilliers intends to feature on its bottles. Doki Doki can be found in bottle at Macknade Fine Foods in Faversham and on draft at The Made Inn, Ashford, as well as on rotation elsewhere in Kent. 

Twitter/Instagram: @boutilliersbrew 


Zero FEAR - Roka Soba

Recovery brand Rok Soba was founded in December 2017 by two brothers on a mission to change perceptions about sobriety. 

Rok Soba has recently introduced its very first alcohol-free beer – Zero FEAR stout (0.05% ABV). 

With branding as you would expect from Rok Soba, this beer stands out from the crowd. True to its roots – motorcycles, tattoos and rock’n’roll – Rok Soba has created a beverage that has already caught the eye of those who want to enjoy an alcohol-free drink that rocks. 

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @roksoba 


Daddy Boards 

Daddyboards offers a range of premium-quality eco-friendly balance boards – rivalling larger brands such as Indo Board in quality and cost. 

Daddyboards also offers fully customisable options for every part of its balance trainers – with customers able to choose between a roller, cushion or dome – while custom shapes, colourways or designs are also available. 

Handmade to a high spec, the trainers are made from sustainable birch wood, with rollers and domes coming in wood too to minimise the use of plastic. 

Designed originally for SUP progression but also great for training key muscle groups and injury rehabilitation, Daddyboards balance boards are ideal for any level of experience – from beginners looking to start engaging their core and having fun at home to professionals looking to hone and test their skills off the water. 

Instagram/Facebook @daddyboards