Smugglers Records revive beachside trade

Smugglers Records in Deal collaborate with New Dawn Traders with products coming from the Caribbean


Smugglers Records in Deal are collaborating with New Dawn Traders to bring products from the Caribbean and Europe by sail boat.

The New Dawn Traders, who import goods from the Caribbean, Portugal and France, will anchor just off the Deal beach this Friday ready to bring the cargo ashore.

For the last couple of months the goods have been available to pre order, so people can collect them from the beach that afternoon, or from the party being held at the record shop in the evening.

They said: “We are so inspired to be part of this project which brings food trade to a human scale and consumerism to a conscious level. By pre ordering produce, you are helping to build a model of trade, which uses the ocean to connect communities, rather than divide, and which puts planet and people first.”

Here is a link to view the goods available arriving only by the power of wind -