NEW MUSIC: Margate's LANTA releases new track

Creative powerhouse LANTA considers the complexities of love in ‘More Alive’

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LANTA, aka Kimberley Anne, returns with an emotion-filled synth and snare pop banger, that grows on you from the first etherial atmospherics.

The new track, ‘More Alive’, looks at the realities and complexities of a relationship and “perfectly imperfect love”.

“I wrote this one when I was preparing to propose to my girlfriend,” says Kim. “Our relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but for us, the acknowledgement of that makes it a real relations ship. There are so many unrealistic ideals surrounding us everywhere, it is hard not to feel you are failing if your life isn’t an exact reflection of the filtered edits we have learnt to share.”

A self-confessed “sucker for or layered synths and drum machines”, LANTA offers an unapologetic pop sound with a he 80s influence. In other words, it’s bloody good.

We added LANTA - More Alive to the #Keepitkent Spotify Playlist HERE