Hot Sh!t: The Chilli Challenge

We test four of Kent’s hottest chilli sauces

We all know that friend who says “oh yeah, I love spice, me!”

But we also know that this heat-seeking bravado storyteller often falls into two camps.

Camp One: they are chatting absolute biscuits and will start sweating quicker than you can say “fajita”, or, Camp Two: they really do have the iron stomach and molten mouth advertised. In which case, all you can do is applaud their chilli chowing ability, slowly clapping to the finish of the phaal.

It has long been known that Kent, the garden on England, is responsible for growing the best fruit and veg the UK, but did you know there is also a shed load of chilli farmers?

It’s true, check it out. 

But not many (sane) people eat whole, raw chillies, so we went one stage further in our research.

Despite the fear an uncomfortable night’s sleep and an eye-watering trip to the latrine, Team Cene decided to try a bunch of the best chilli sauces produced in the county… here’s how we got on.



Produced by: Kent Chilli Farm

Grown on its farm in Dartford, the Diablo is described as a “flavoursome fiery sauce, intended to warm the cockles of even the hardest of hearts”.

Ingredients: tomatoes, white onions, apple juice, carrots, cider vinegar, garlic, spices, and, of course chilli (3%).


Initial Heat: 3/10

After Burn: 4/10

Flavour: 7/10

Best Antidote: Bread


Produced By: Paul Babra

Made by Canterbury-based chutney, sauces and marinades man Paul Babra, the Hot Chilli & Garlic Sauce is designed to “spice up your life” and features an inspiring story from Paul’s youth on the bottle.

Ingredients: chilli powder (13%), garlic (13%), chilli flakes (9%), habanero peppers, Scotch Bonnet chilli, modified cornstarch, sugar, salt, vinegar, citric acid, paprika and cayenne pepper.


Initial Heat: 3/10

After Burn: 6/10

Flavour: 6/10

Best Antidote: Milk


Produced By: Carrington Foods

Based in Faversham, (and saucy since 2007) Carrington Foods have produced the Shut Up Chup, which is described as “Warning very hot! A seriously hot chilli and tomato sauce combined with Moroccan spices and Naga chilli”.

Ingredients: tomato, sugar, spirit vinegar, salt, garlic, spices, ginger, black  pepper and, of course, chilli (4.1%).


Initial Heat: 6/10

After Burn: 8/10

Flavour: 9/10

Best Antidote: Yoghurt


Produced by Hot Face Sauces

From Maidstone, Hot face Sauces have produced the Scorpion Scorcher based around the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli, which is described as “officially the world’s second hottest (The Carolina Reaper is the hottest) - its use as a condiment will reduce anyone to a sweating, hiccupping mess. Good Luck!”

Ingredients: tomato, onion, Scotch Bonnet chilli (16%), white wine vinegar, garlic, salt, sugar and Trinidad Morgua Scorpion Chilli (21%).


Initial Heat: 7/10

After Burn: 10/10

Flavour: 4/10

Best Antidote:  Anything you can get your hands on!!!