Jordan T Gray: Serial Surrealist 

Kent illustrator Jordan T Gray channels influences from Picasso to Medieval religious imagery to conjure up his colour-selective characters


“By trade I would define myself as an Illustrator and I tend to favour the use of hand-crafted methods such as collage and pen drawing, as well as printmaking - linocut and screenprint in particular. My heavy use of printmaking is what has influenced me to use a limited colour palette in my imagery - a defining feature of my work. 


“I enjoy working in other mediums such as animation, sculpture, film and installation and try not to limit myself to illustrated imagery.

“My work is often created in a playful and intuitive manner and I like it to be humorous in nature. I like the idea of my imagery bringing joy or intrigue to the viewer, hence the reason it is often surreal or absurd with bright and interesting colour schemes and abstract shapes.


“Influences on my practice range from early Ethiopian art, folk art, German Expressionism and Medieval religious imagery. I am also greatly inspired by abstract artists of the 20th century, in particular Picasso, Matisse and Léger for their use of bold shape and colour yet also their expansive use of mediums.”

Instagram: @jordan.t.gray