Light & Dark

‘Pastel-goth nerd’ tattoo artist Jessica Delaforce displays her amazing styles


Jessica Delaforce, Margate, Kent. “Having just come out of a 3 year apprenticeship (I've only officially been a fully qualified Tattoo Artist for a few months) I still feel like Ihavealongwaytogointerms developing my own 'style’.

“I do tend to gravitate towards pop culture, bold colour and of course sparkles! Things like Disney, Studio-Ghibli and Harry Potter are personal favorites of mine.

Dark and creepy is right up my street, especially when i get to incorporate pastels and sparkles, creating a sort of 'pastel-core' vibe.

That being said, I do really enjoy doing Realism and Neo-Trad styles, too!”



“I really look up to artists such as Alex Strangler and Keely Glitters for their super cute kawaii vibes. Sam Barber is also an incredible realism artist, her use of colour is really inspiring.

I'm still super early on in my tattoo career, and I have tons to learn and refine still. But I guess, being a total pastel-goth nerd myself, it kinda just feels right to express that part of me in my designs!”



“It has been a tough journey and really testing at times, but I'm proud of how far I've come.

But, to be honest with you, i'm still totally in awe that I get to do this as a job and i'm grateful everyday to the people that helped me get to this point.. and to the people who actually want my artwork on their bodies forever.

I'm starting a whole new chapter of my tattoo career very soon! I’ll be joining some incredibly talented individuals at a new studio coming soon in Broadstairs. So keep an eye out!”