10YearsTime: Making the cut

Folkestone collage artist 10YearsTime finds inspiration in the most amazing of paper works


Collage artist Charlie Elms, aka 10YearsTime, comes straight out of Folkestone to bring us stunning hand-cut collages created from old books and magazines.

“I am addicted to the collecting aspect of collage,” says Elms. “I love hunting through smelly, old bookshops, searching for imagery that catches my eye. I tend to have an idea of what I’m looking for but usually leave with a handful of something else, and some new ideas. 


“Unlike a lot of art forms, where the artist usually knows what their work will look like when it is finished, this process is more unpredictable and I tend to be lead by the content I find and collect. 


“The process is similar to working on a puzzle, except the pieces can be whatever you can find. Once I find an image that attracts my attention I then search for another image that compliments it. I then cut, stick, mount, package and sell it for millions of pounds. Sort of.”

Instagram: @10.years.time. Website: 10yearstime.com