With demand for vegan cuisine continuing to grow, Shepherd Neame is delighted to announce that 12 of its flagship pubs will become the first in the UK to offer the Oumph! Burger.


Created from soya bean by the award-winning Swedish company Food for Progress, Oumph! was launched in Sweden and Norway back in May and has become a leading brand in the plant-based food market.

Oumph! is high in protein and fibre, and low in fat. It is also a good source of iron and folic acid, and is gluten, dairy and nut free. The red colour of the burger is completely natural, resulting from the addition of beetroot.

Shepherd Neame head development chef Simon Howlett said: “There is a growing market for vegan burgers, so we decided to put a number of different brands to the test before introducing one on our menu. We asked 30 members of our team to try the burgers, and every time the Oumph! came out on top for taste and texture. When comparing the nutritional content of the burgers, the Oumph! Burger also scored very highly.”

In addition to its nutritional benefits, the Oumph! also boasts a low climate impact as all soya used is bought from Europe and isn’t genetically modified.

Dave Smith, head of UK Foodservice at Oumph! and Food for Progress, said: “We’re pleased to see that such a well-established pub company as Shepherd Neame has chosen the plant-based Oumph! Burger for their pub menu. No doubt this will be very welcome among vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians.”

Oumph! will be available at: The Spitfire in Kings Hill; Ship & Trades in Chatham Maritime; Royal Hotel in Deal; Bell Hotel in Sandwich; Royal Albion in Broadstairs; Samuel Pepys in London; Sun Inn, Faversham; Market House, Maidstone; Jamaica Wine House in London; and Marine Hotel, Tankerton.

Oumph! contains soya beans and organic herb and spice mixes. It's free from gluten, dairy and nuts. It has been available widely in Sweden and Norway since 2015.