NEW MUSIC: Cotton Candy Slingshot by Cartoon People

Whitstable trio take a trip into the world of psych-rock with mesmeric new single

Cartoon People.jpg

Opening with barely strummed guitar and a singing synth, you know exactly where Cartoon People are going with their new track Cotton Candy Slingshot, but you can’t stop it, and you won’t stop it.

Evoking memories of a hazy summer’s day, the new single, which is includes B-side ‘Echo Park’, is a journey back in time with flecks of Kevin Parker of Tame Impala and John Lennon during the Double Fantasy days.

It’s moreish. The slow drum beats and elongated vocals are carefully placed enhancing the most recognisable lyrics: “tell me what you mean”.

Everything contributes to a the beautiful confusion, while it’s meandering melody almost comes to a complete stop at times, only to bring you back round in a mesmeric peak and trough of tempo. It is glorious.

Cartoon People are George, Jonny and Ed from Whitstable and have previously released tracks ‘Real Life’ and ‘Hardly’ in 2018, and then Red Delicious earlier this year.

Cotton Candy Slingshot has been added to the ‘cene #KeepitKent Playlist HERE