Tryst 3: Kent artist Daisy Parris works with Chelsea Harlan

Collaboration of artist and author on the latest Montez Press publication


In the third instalment of the Tryst series, Kent artist Daisy Parrisand author Chelsea Harlan explore themes related to mother and daughterhood - Tryst 3: MUMMY.

A gesture toward the potential of unity, trust and political and artistic dialectics, each instalment of Tryst asks one visual artist and one writer to bring their unique perspectives to the table, letting their views and voices meet, marry, clash and coalesce into an integrated and multifaceted work.

The Authors

Daisy Parris was born in Kent and lives and works in London. Sat on the floor amongst the bugs, she began drawing and painting at age 13 under the star-studded canopy of the leaking conservatory in her fifth childhood home. Her imagination runs wild at times. That’s why she is so tired.

On the release of ‘MUMMY’, she said: “So happy to finally share the release of 'MUMMY', published by @montezpress. Chelsea and I have been working on this for nearly two years and finally it exists as a physical publication. Please get a copy, our souls are in it.”

Chelsea Harlan was an accident. Her work is concerned with work itself, and the laborious nature of living and staying alive, like the Bee Gees song, or like flowers in a vase. She writes mostly melancholic jokes and poems. She lives in Brooklyn she grew up in Appalachia.


Montez Press

Envisaged as the third iteration of the spirit of Lola Montez (Lola, Maria, Mario), Montez Press was formed in 2012 and has since worked to publish texts writing against current critical modalities and theoretical dogmas, which inform the workings of contemporary knowledge economy.

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