Margate-based rapper fronts band as they release “Hard To Sleep” track


Nifty are a Rock band fronted by a Rapper, from Margate. They write raw rap lyrics and perform over thick, vibrant rock music, which pushes deep bass lines and intricate guitar riffs.

The group describe “Hard to Sleep” as an “insight into the mind, and the path so far of Nifty”.

They said: “Written during tough times, the verses are attempts to see the positive in life over the depression and feelings of hoplessness, as well as other mental struggles that were weighing me down.

“The chorus is both an expression of how the difficulties I was facing made me feel, and how it had made me begin to doubt myself. Maybe I was just making wrong decisions? Still, I maintain the message of hope”.

We at ‘cene really like the track and can’t wait to hear more from Nifty. We have added it to the #KeepItKent Spotify Playlist HERE